Gridiron to Glitz

NFL players are slowly crossing over into the entertainment industry

By Ron Thomas, IJ reporter

The tradition of football players who dabble in the fields of acting and modeling goes back almost as far as football itself. Now sports agent Steve Baker, a Mill Valley resident and Stars entertainment agency, which is owned by the Claxon family of Tiburon have teamed up, to try to continue that tradition with Oakland Raiders fullback Jon Ritchie and the San Francisco 49ers’ Jeff Garcia and Ray Brown.

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Negotiating Sports Contracts In the Nineties

Sports Attorney Steve Baker is an All Pro

By Jack Laufenberg, DOCKET- June 1994

Twenty-five years ago, when free agency was just a gleam in a young lawyer’s eye, all one really needed to be a sports agent was a working knowledge of the game and directions to the front office. Like most things, however, all that has changed.

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On Sports/NFL Free Agency

Pro Football Enters a New Era: What Agents Should Know

By Steve Baker Esq., Agent & Manager – October 1993

Change has been everywhere in 1993-President Clinton ushered in the first baby-boomer Presidency. Sam Malone announced last call on “Cheers” and Nolan Ryan pitched his last 100 mph fastball Football was also going through its own growing pains. The National Football league (NFL) accepted a concept that had long ago become the standard in other major sports: unrestricted free agency. And, as with all major changes, it has engendered considerable debate.

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